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The essence of any organization is its constituent people, connected with each other by common values, ideas, interests, the desire to change the surrounding reality, develop and create.
A unifying start for Live Sound Agency employees is the love of sound quality. That's the way - love. Not just professional and commercial interest in this area, but admiration for the magic of excellent sound and the desire to share it with people.
The company’s staff of about 50 people works as a single mechanism, fastened with enthusiasm and dedication to their work, with a clear understanding of the goal and the way to achieve it. 

Our specialists

High-quality work with sound is impossible without a thorough knowledge of acoustic physics, electrical engineering and the masses of other related fields. For this reason, Live SoundAgency employs exclusively professional engineers, technicians, installers, back-liners with many years of experience in providing sound support for various events. Over the years of its work, our team has gained the status of the most experienced in Russia with its work and highest competence.
We are trusted by the organization of their shows, both domestic and foreign customers, including Yegor Creed, Metallica, Timati, Whitney Houston, “Leningrad” and many other truly iconic performers.
However, professionalism and experience need constant development and addition - without this it is impossible to keep up with the rapid changes occurring in the world of show business. Our company regularly conducts internal training of its employees, and also attracts specialists from equipment manufacturing companies for additional trainings on working with new equipment. This allows us to be at the forefront of technological progress in the field of sound equipment to accompany events, take into account the latest trends and offer our customers the best solutions. Due to the continuous development of Live-Sound Agency remains the leader among Russian companies offering their services of professional sound engineering.
Since 1990, a number of highly qualified specialists have come out of our agency. Many of them founded their business, others successfully implement themselves in international sound companies, and still others work with world-class performers. Despite changing jobs, clients and even countries, they all retained and developed the qualities acquired by Live-Sound Agency - fanatical commitment, perfectionism, professionalism and the desire for continuous development. In fact, it was our company that stood at the origins of sound engineering in modern Russia. Employees of the company through their own trial and error set the reference standards, which to this day are guided by other similar firms.

Our achievements

Nothing characterizes a team of professionals better than the specific results of their activities. During the existence of our agency, we organized the soundtrack of hundreds of events. Their complete enumeration would take too much space, so we indicate the most significant ones:

  • music events - Deep Purple live shows, Zemfira, Nickelback, The Invasion festivals and Park Live, the biggest trans-party Sensation
  • television shows - “Voice” (Channel One), Comedy Batle, “Songs” and “Dances” (TNT), a concert by the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra in Syrian Palmyra
  • official events - press conferences and a message from the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly, presentations of MS-21 and MiG-35n aircraft
  • sport events - Kremlin Cup in tennis, Champions League final in volleyball in Kazan, Fight Night boxing fights
  • ceremonies - the opening of the tank biathlon competition, the Sochi Youth and Students Festival, the Asian Winter Games in Astana
  • show programs - ice shows “Ruslan and Lyudmila” by T. Navka and “The Nutcracker” E.Pluschenko, Moscow Firework Festival, St. Petersburg “Scarlet Sails”.

And many, many other projects of the most different directions, genre, style. We are not embarrassed by the high complexity of the work - on the contrary, we feel in it a challenge that stimulates to achieve the perfect sound. Paying attention to the smallest details, the agency staff create a powerful, extremely clear, bright soundtrack. Of course, the quality of the equipment, environmental features and other factors play a significant role in this, but nevertheless the professionalism, experience and talent of Live-Sound Agency specialists is of paramount importance. Without the human labor and knowledge they contribute, even the most advanced equipment will be an inexpressive set of wires and electronic boards

A few words about you

Of course, all the activities and even the very existence of Live-Sound Agency would not make sense if it did not concern you, our demanding customers.
And the point is not that you provide us with work. First of all, the Customer gives us the opportunity to do his favorite work, to which each employee of the agency has devoted his life.
Your ever-increasing demands make us overcome ourselves, look for new ways to create the perfect sound for them. Interaction with each client is an invaluable experience enriching our knowledge and skills - and this, ultimately, makes us the best in the business.
Live-Sound Agency works with any customers, be it large commercial companies,
state or public organizations, pop stars, rock scenes, electronic dance music, etc. To each of them we find our approach, we feel at the level of intuition what kind of sound is required - and only then we start working directly with the equipment, space and other technical aspects of the project.
For more information about the features and conditions of our work, call us at +7 (495) 647-25-22 or watch photos and videos on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to show creativity where rigorous calculation and inexorable physics reigns supreme..