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  • The company was founded in Moscow in 1990 in the Palace of Culture of the Moscow Aviation Institute. From the very beginning, the company worked in several areas of the sound market: rock-and-rollsters' concerts (DDT, Nautilus, Aquarium), pop music (Alla Pugacheva, Laima Vaikule, Valery Leontyev, Oleg Gazmanov), discos and elite night clubs (Harlequin Penthouse).

Mission and vision

In the organization of the event, everyone wants something of his own. Sound producer wants to get the best equipment, the production manager wants this equipment to be on time assembled and in perfect working condition, the customer wants all of the above and for reasonable money.

Over the years, we have worked, perhaps, with all the major teams and performers, toured the whole country, and not only ours.

And we know how to meet the highest expectations. Regardless of, what event you are organizing, we will design the best, most cost-effective sound system, we will mount it and ensure its high-quality work as much as you need.

Our philosophy is to do everything necessary for your success. Our goal in that everyone should be satisfied: on the stage, behind the stage and most importantly - in front of the stage.